courtney. 16. sam winchester is my baby, my favorite character in the whole universe, my one and only. talk shit about him and i will personally strike you down (✿◠‿◠) anyways, this is an all spn blog by truesouls.
men like you have such any easy soul to steal


THAT character???? haha wow no they are definitely not my favorite *puts flowers in their hair* absolutely not what a complete nerd *wraps up in blankets* i dk who they even are tbh *viciously protects from everything awful ever* haha please stop looking at me

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Imagine Sam and Adam comforting each other after Lucifer and Michael’s torments, and really becoming brothers. Sam tells Adams his favorite stories about John, and about what a great big brother Dean has always been, how Dean is going to take such good care of them when they get out of the Cage. Adam tells Sam about his mom, how John would show up for birthday parties, what he had been hoping to study in college.

Imagine Sam’s been wracked with guilt for years, imagining Adam still stuck in there with the archangels. 

But imagine if, when Sam is dying and meets Death himself, he professes he resents Death for saving his soul and leaving Adam behind. Imagine Death quirking an eyebrow and tilting his head at the Winchester. “You really think I’d be so petty as to leave an innocent soul to be Lucifer and Michael’s plaything?” And Sam stares at him, mouth hanging open. 

"But you told Dean to choose."

"I told him to choose which brother I brought back. I brought you back. I reaped Adam."

"So you’re saying.."

"What I’m saying, Mr. Winchester, is whether you decide to return to the world of the living or to finally go on…. whatever you decide, you will have a brother waiting for you."

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sam + (fandom) text posts
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random sam gifs [1/??]

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I never got the crusts cut off my PB & J. I just don’t look at family the way you do.

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You know that he’s not real. Right?

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Sam Winchester in 8x20 Pac-Man Fever

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sam winchester meme ❅ recurrent themes [1/3]
          ↳’There is a concept called body autonomy. It’s generally considered a human right. Bodily autonomy means a person has control over who or what uses their body, for what, and for how long. Its why you can’t be forced to donate blood, tissue, or organs. Even if you are dead. Even if you’d save or improve 20 lives. It’s why someone can’t touch you, have sex with you, or use your body in any way without your continuous consent.’

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2.08 Crossroad Blues

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